Every Sunday at 10:00am our children go into “big church”  and participate in worship with their family.  They then are dismissed to go upstairs to the Children’s Church room for a great time!  There they meet other kids and leaders who create a loving and safe atmosphere for them to grow!
Parents: We ask that you fill out a sign in/Registration card at the Kiosk center, in the hall outside the sanctuary, when you arrive.  This will give needed info for our leaders.  You will get a tag with number on it to bring upstairs when you pick up your child.  We have an exciting time full of relevant, kid friendly Bible lessons, praise and worship, prayer, games videos and crafts.  Come on out and have fun with us!!!
Parent Involvement:  A Parent’s greatest testimony is the spiritual health of their children.  The church is not a substitute, but a resource for children’s spiritual development.  We strive to empower parents and kids to explore and express their faith in Christ together.  (Deuteronomy 6:5-7, 20-21) Our carefully screened and trained staff members surround each child with a loving environment in every class and activity.