Royal Rangers

Wednesdays 6:30 – 7:30 PM


 The mission of Royal Rangers is: 

To reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ! 


Purpose of the Royal Rangers Ministry:

1.       To evangelize boys for Christ
2.       To develop the total boy for Christ (spiritually, physically, mentally and socially)
3.       To keep boys in our churches our aim and goals for Royal Rangers is to instruct, challenge and inspire our boys in the areas of Bible doctrine, Christian service, moral conduct and basic beliefs of our church through interesting activities boys enjoy.

 Our Goals

1. To instruct in Bible Doctrine. When a boy participates in Royal Rangers, he should have a basic  knowledge of what the Bible teaches.
2. To challenge for Christian service. When a boy completes this program he should be ready to take his place in the area of Christian service where God wants him to be
3. To inspire a belief in the fundamental beliefs of our church. When a boy completes this program he should be Christian in belief for the remainder of his life.
4. To satisfy the boy’s basic need for activity. A boy engaged in this program should have enough interesting activities to do to prevent him from being tempted to engage in unwholesome activities