Easter Science Children’s Ministry Curriculum Lesson Overview Memory Verse: “Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creation. The old is gone! The new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIrV)    

March 31 – The Praise Experiment – When Jesus came into Jerusalem, the entire city came alive with excitement and celebration because they thought Jesus was going to become their king. They didn’t realize that he was already their king, but that he would have to die for their sins and then do what seemed to be impossible – come back to life. Kids will learn that we should praise God for doing the impossible for us at Easter. Mark 11:1-10, Palm Sunday. Kids will be reminded that God can do the impossible with the egg in a bottle experiment.  
April 7 – The Trust Experiment– When Jesus was arrested, Peter was scared and denied that he even knew Jesus. Kids will learn that we should trust God even when we’re scared. Mark 14:66-72, Peter Denies Jesus. Kids will be reminded to trust God with the walking on egg shells experiment.  
April 14 – The Forgiveness Experiment – Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Kids will learn that when we believe in Jesus he removes all of our sin. Luke 23:35-47, The Death of Jesus. Kids will be reminded of Jesus’ power to erase sin with the vanishing styrofoam experiment  
April 21 – The Salvation Experiment – On Easter morning, God raised Jesus to new life again. Kids will learn that because of Jesus we can have a new life on earth and eternal life with God forever. Luke 24:36-49, Jesus Appears to the Disciples. Kids will be reminded of the empty tomb with the invisible jelly marbles experiment.