SECURITY: As we welcome your infant/child into our nursery, you will be asked to fill out a security tag wherein you will be given a security number. If your child should need you during the service, your security tag number will appear on the screens in the sanctuary. 

     The Wee Care  Nursery for infant through two years old is structured with safety and security in mind. While your infant/toddler is with us, we desire to provide an environment that is condu-cive to fun, while maintaining a watch-ful eye and careful management, insuring their well being.
As the Lord designed, each and every child has a unique personality and it is our intention to be able to minister to each one as the Lord allows, praying for the families and blessing the infant and toddler.
     Our Nursery Ministers are dedicated workers who give their best to minister to your child’s needs and who have willingly submitted to legal background checks.